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     "It's not the cards life deals that makes you, it's the way you play them!"  

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Raised and residing in South Florida, Tanisha J. Hope, pen name T.J. Hope, is a writer and poet. She enjoys writing novels, spoken word poetry and providing a platform for local artists to grow their craft and gain support.


T.J. prides herself in engrossing you in her writing. She is passionate about writing that tug on your heart strings and then inspires you.  T.J. passionately writes from a perspective inspired by both Street Smarts and Book Smarts. In February 2016, she became a Published Author with Delphine Publications.

She has been featured in the Urban Books, Authors & Writers of America magazine and holds a permanent feature on their website. T.J. provides creative spaces for artists to grow and express their talents, as well as providing a different vibe for South Floridians to attend and experience spoken art.

The Hood Lemonade Box Set includes TJ's debut novel, Hood Lemonade: Jamika's Vendetta  and its anticipated follow-up, Hood Lemonade 2. Both books are rated 5-Star novels by reviewers on Amazon, Kindle and Goodreads. The anticipated FINALE, Hood Lemonade 3 is COMING SOON!!  You can also find short stories from TJ in the anthologies,  Love Letters, Hot N Wet and This Christmas.

T.J. Hope Presents, "Vibrating Love through Talent & Creativity" has two events monthly that artists and attendees alike travel the South Florida tri-county area to attend. T.J.'s events,  The Love Jones Open Mic Experience   (2nd Thursdays) and Eargasm: Poetry & Chill  (4th Fridays), are centered around "vibrating Love through talent and creativity."