T.J. Hope - Author & Poet 

     "It's not the cards life deals that makes you, it's the way you play them!"  


by: TJ Hope

As soon as I arrive my book is already read
By this cover of brown skin many are often misled
Opinions of how I must spend hundreds on Malaysian
Cashing in food stamps for hair dos or nails done by Asians

"Bet she could barely read let alone make a sentence
Bet she's spending our taxes, on the government her dependence
Bet she's feeding five kids from three deadbeat baby daddys
She can't afford to pay attention, what is she doing in that Caddy?

"They call it Hip-Hop dress but it’s how they stay conspicuous
He has a hoodie like Trayvon but I tell you this one's really suspicious
I bet he's a bum with no job can't keep his head above water
I'll kill one of them sons' of bitches they ever come home with my daughter"

What is it that is so bothersome about this brown skin
Is there something they know, that we don't, about this melanin
Look past this cover of brown skin to what I hold deep
Judge my character it speaks, my heart too deserves to beat

Pro-Black does not mean that we are prejudice or anti-white
All lives do matter & if another race was targeted I'd too join that fight
It's not only the police killing us, let's not lose our reality
It's brown on brown crime also contributing to the totality

We are no longer slaves but remain mentally enslaved
Innocent blood of brown skin continue to stain our graves
My brown skin and kinky hair is deeply rooted in this cause
We need unity and positive direction before we can overturn laws


It’s evident that our pasts and presents hold a lot of pain      
But our culture is deep, our future doesn’t have to hold disdain
Its up to us to teach the young and uplift our community
We are the only ones that can make the future of racial immunity

So, le’s stay true to the fight of the brave ones before us
Many lost their lives for the proposition of Brown justice
Keep pressing on, don’t let distorted images of you make you disoriented
When your time is over what will people say that your ‘Brown’ represented?