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Hood Lemonade Box Set

The Hood Lemonade Box Set  

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The first two parts of Hood Lemonade have been updated with deleted scenes and bonus material and put into one BOX SET for one special price. 2 for 1! 

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“How do you do that? How do you keep your sanity, when the man you love has moved on without you?” Regina asked.

They both became quiet at that question.

Each were examining the men in their lives and feeling like idiots for loving men that could not have loved them back.

Regina lay her head on Jamika’s shoulder as she cried some more.

Jamika sat there in silence rubbing her hair and trying her best to comfort her.

Regina was crying as if someone had died. This guy meant the world to her.

She had Jamika ready to burst out into her own tears.

But she had promised herself no more.

So there she sat, abandoning her own issues, realizing that Regina needed someone and she was that someone that happened to be there in her time of need.

Regina rolled her head on Jamika’s shoulder until their lips touched.

What the fuck, thought Jamika.

Jamika did not know what to make of this.

She did not like women like that but found herself unable to pull away.

Regina’s lips felt soft and passionate, like they needed that kiss as much as Jamika did.

The kiss got deeper and Jamika leaned into it, kissing Regina back.

Jamika snatched her head back realizing exactly what she was doing.

“Regina, I’m sorry but I’m not a lesbian. I’m strictly dickly,” she laughed attempting to lighten the mood and also hide how turned on she was.

Jamika had never looked at another woman that way.

It felt so wrong and so right all at the same time.

“I know. I’m not a lesbian either. But, I just need to feel someone close. I just need to fill this hole in my heart right now. Please.”

Jamika looked into Regina’s eyes that still held fresh tears.

Fuck it, Jamika thought.